The Future of City Infrastructure Signage

We live in a world growing smarter by the day. Both cities and the people who live in them are busier than ever, and our lives revolve around the access to information. In the public transport world, this information is real-time data that can be gathered by city management and delivered to the public. At Radiola, our products and systems are available as a complete package, or as individual components you can integrate alongside current signage. Learn more about our signs below.

Public Transport Signage

Gone are the days of a worn, old bus stop sign with inaccurate times and fading paper. Radiola can provide your city with a range of public transport signage products to deliver real-time information to citizens wherever you need to. Our signs are eco-friendly, provide excellent outdoor readability, and allow for real-time updates on travel information. View our SmartSigns to learn more about our cost-effective solution for improving citywide transport communications.

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eStop BayBus 5 v2

Road Signage

A city functions at its best when information is available to everyone within it. Whether this is through clear, readable parking signs, or clearway signs for bus lanes or a special event, Radiola offers a selection of solar-powered road signs to help your city run smoothly. Update and display information as required, show trip travel times, and manage your city’s sign content like never before. Discover the entire road signage range below.

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