Cutting-edge transport and transit management systems

Radiola offers city infrastructure and transport management an easier and more powerful way to collect, access, and use real-time transport and transit data. Our four intelligent systems enable you to control every aspect of your city’s public transport – from GPS tracking to online schedules, audio and visual announcements, smart sign management, and much more. Discover our smart systems below, available either as a complete package or as individual components.

Real-Time Information

Our highly modular, scalable information package provides an overview of all asset and fleet locations. Robust, affordable GPS trackers can be supplied for all vehicles, which enable access to real-time location data and accurate scheduling predictions. When combined with our Smart Sign CMS offering, you can use this information to instantly update live-departure screens at bus stops across the city.

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Real Time Locations

GTFS Management System

Transport apps provide a much-needed improvement over inaccurate print signage. However, high-quality transit data is crucial for accurate online schedules. Radiola’s GTFS Management System is a simple, cloud-based interface that is easy-to-use, and allows anyone with approved access to view, edit, and update all transport datasets.

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Next Stop Display System

Onboard display systems benefit both management and travellers alike. Radiola’s Next Stop Display System can indicate arrival times, announce nearby points-of-interest, and allow for geo-specific marketing to create a more-inclusive and informative transport experience. Available as a stand-alone product or integrated with your current onboard systems, our full graphic displays make every transport journey memorable and enjoyable.

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