Real Time Information

Real-Time Information for city management

It’s no secret the world now operates on phenomenal amounts of data. As greater amounts of technology are incorporated into cities, it’s only a matter of time before connected smart cities are commonplace. Real-time information is crucial for city management, from on-the-fly operational changes to accurate schedule predictions and GPS tracking. 


Our highly modular, scalable information package provides an overall view of fleet and city management. We provide robust, affordable GPS trackers for vehicles, which allow for highly accurate predictions on transport schedules. This information can be relayed through our Smart Sign CMS system, or can integrate with your existing smart signage.

We can scale your real-time information package to suit the size of your fleet or area, and our library of developer-friendly APIs make integration with your current system and third-party applications such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Transit Apps.

Real-time data gives you greater control of your city, the information you deliver, and the overall happiness of citizens. Our powerful information package delivers improved network performance through insightful data, and is kept up-to-date through our cloud-hosted service. For accurate, actionable data, and real-time information you can use to deliver an exceptional public transport experience, speak to Radiola today!

Reliable, affordable, customisable. POwerful, accurate, integrational.
Robust and affordable GPS trackers for fleet vehicles Highly accurate, actionable predictions
Cloud-hosted for reliability and up-to-date security  Powerful insights to improve network performance
Modular, scalable system for all fleet and city sizes Integrates with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Transit Apps